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80 Mapleton Road, Suite 11-156, Moncton, NB E1C7W8

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new here and would like to join, what the best program for me?

We currently have 3 programs:

1. Learn

2. Play

3. Excel

If you are new to cricekt we would recommend you to join the Learn or Play program as theie objectives is to create Fun.

If you have played with Leather Ball and would like to play in the competitive league, we would recommend to come for Trials for the Excel Program.


What are the locations you currently play at?

We currently play at the following locations: 


2. CN Baseball Fields

3. Crandall University

4. NBCC Moncton

I would like to join to get fit, do you have any program for that?

We currently offer free fitness sessions at the Evergreen Park School, If you just want to focus on fitness, you can join us every wednesday at the Evergreen Park School Location. 

Can I just walk in and play?

We have program co-ordinators present during the games and you can provide your information to them and they will guide you towards the registration process. We want to ensure that you are covered for any liability purposes.  

I'm currently a Student at a Middle/High School and Interested to play, What are my options?

We have School and university programs that are offered at your local schools and universities, we would recommend to come to one of our session and someone will assist you in becoming a part of Cricket Moncton.

I'm a parent and would like my kids to join the sport who do i contact?

You can reach out to us by emailing:
Or reaching out to the school so we can provide session at the school itself.